New Ski Brand Featured at Telluride Black Tie Skis, Kastle

Black Tie Ski Rentals’ mission is to provide exceptional ski rental delivery service with extraordinary gear. Getting our guests on the mountain in the highest quality equipment is what we strive for. One of our new ski brands this year is Kastle skis. We will be featuring Kastle DX 85, FX 96 HP, and for the ladies, the DX 85 W. Book Now at and request your choice of Kastle skis!

Kastle Skis at Telluride Black Tie

The DX85 with sandwich-sidewall construction is an all-mountain ski. It offers a solid ride and combines energetic performance with forgiving handling.

Kastle DX85

The FX96 loves to dabble in freeride freedom, the 3D shape, triple wood core and carbon-fiberglass wrapped the core of the lightweight TRI technology results in a maximum transfer of power, stability and perfect float. The HP in the name stands for high performance. And the FX96 HP certainly lives up to its name, whether it’s challenging backcountry or big fat turns on corduroy. For a one-ski quiver, this ski is hard to beat.

Kastle FX96 HP

The DX85 (w) from the Vogue women’s line brings together all the benefits of a Kästle all-mountain ski but tailored to female riders: It is lighter, more responsive and the binding mount points are women-specific. Women skiers will love the effortless front and backside handling of this ski and its bomber dependability.

Kastle DX85 Women’s Specific

Origins of Kastle Skis

The origins of Kastle are special, with Anton Kästle building his first pair of skis in 1924, in his wainwright workshop in Hohenems, Austria. Over the next decades, countless skiing legends would represent Kästle, in total winning 132 Olympic and World Cup medals. In 1998, Kästle disappeared from the market, abruptly and surprisingly. Kästle returned to the international ski community in 2007, thanks to an investment group with Rudolf Knünz, once again creating skis that would set the benchmarks for the whole industry: bringing construction technologies from racing and applying them to all-mountain skis, in addition to the development of the revolutionary Hollowtech. By removing unneeded layers in the front of the ski this results in several advantages. The ski becomes lighter, feels more stable, edge-grip is more powerful, steering is more precise and the overall weight is reduced. In 2015, Kästle returned to its roots in Hohenems, Austria.